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1. Privacy Policy

Please read the Privacy Policy carefully, which applies even if the user logs in to the and uses the related services but does not acquire any products. The Privacy Policy helps you understand how our company collects and uses your personal information and for what purposes.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

The contents of, such as, but not limited to, works, images, photographs, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, documents, drawings, industrial drawings, figures, logos and any other material, in any format, posted on, including menus, web pages, graphics, colors, schemes, tools, fonts and design of the website, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software that are part of, are protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right. Reproduction, in whole or in part, is prohibited in any form, by and their contents, without the express written consent of INPRODI. INPRODI has the exclusive right to authorize or forbid direct or indirect reproduction, temporary or permanent, in any way or form, in whole or in part, by and their contents. In reference to the use of the, you are only authorized to view the website and its contents. You are also authorized to perform all other temporary, non-economic, reproduction acts which are considered transits or accessories, an integral and essential part of the same view of and their content and all other navigation operations on the Website that are only executed for legitimate use of and their content. You are not authorized to perform any reproduction, on any support, in whole or in part by and their contents. Any act of reproduction shall be, from time to time, authorized by INPRODI.

Such reproduction operations should nevertheless be carried out for legitimate purposes and with respect to copyright and other intellectual property rights.

3.Trademarks and domain names

INPRODI is the exclusive owner of the rights to exploit the logos and trademarks "Reporter" and their derivatives.

You are not authorized, except for the consent of INPRODI, to use such trademarks to distinguish products or services that are not similar to those offered by INPRODI through

Any use, of such trademarks, non-compliant to the law is forbidden and involves serious legal consequences. It is in no way permitted to use such trademarks and any other distinctive sign present on to take unfair advantage of the distinctive character or renown of such marks or to cause prejudice to them and their holders.

4.Links to

Anyone interested in activating links to the home page and other publicly accessible web pages, please contact INPRODI at the following email address Contact is required to activate the request for hyperlink consent to Link activation is granted by INPRODI to the applicant, free of charge and non-exclusive.

 INPRODI has the right to oppose the activation of direct links to its website in the event that the requesting party, which intends to activate the link to, has previously adopted unfair or non-compliant commercial practices or actions of unfair competition with INPRODI or when INPRODI argues that these behaviors may be adopted in the future, or even when the claimant has, in the past, or has been subjected to adopting them in the future, INPRODI fraudulent actions, their website or own services. In any case, it is forbidden to activate deep hyperlinks (such as deep frames or deep links) to or unauthorized use of meta tags without the consent of INPRODI.


5.Content warning

INPRODI has taken every effort to prevent the publication, on the web site, of contents that describe or represent scenes or situations of physical or psychological violence or such that, according to the sensitivity of the users of, may be considered prejudicial to civil convictions, human rights and the dignity of people, in all its forms and expressions.

In any case, INPRODI does not warrant that the content of the website is appropriate or lawful in other countries outside of Italy.

However, if such content is deemed unlawful or illegal in some of these countries, please avoid accessing our website and, in any case, if you opt to acced, we inform you that the use you would make of the services provided by will be your sole and personal responsibility.

INPRODI has also taken every precaution to ensure its users that the contents of  are accurate and do not contain incorrect or not up-to-date information compared to the date of their publication on the website and, as far as possible , even later.

However, INPRODI does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the content published on, except for its own liability for guilty and gross negligence and unless otherwise provided by the law. INPRODI, furthermore, cannot guarantee to its users that the website operates continuously, without interruption and in the absence of errors or malfunctions due to the Internet connection.

If you have any problems with using our website, please contact Customer Service at the following email address: An INPRODI manager will be at your disposal in providing assistance and to help you restore the functionality of your website access, whenever possible.

Similarly, we advise you to contact your Internet Service Provider or to ensure that each Internet connection and web content device is properly activated, including your Internet browser.

Although INPRODI will try to do everything possible to ensure continued access to its web site, the dynamic nature of the Internet and its content may not allow it to operate without suspensions, interruptions or discontinuities due to the need to perform updates of the website.

INPRODI has adopted appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard the security of its services on, the integrity of traffic data and electronic communications in relation to forms of use or knowledge that are not allowed and to avoid the risk of dispersal, destruction and loss of data and confidential and non-confidential information relating to its users present on, that is, unauthorized access or non-compliance with the law, data and information.

6.Our business policy

INPRODI has adopted its own trading policy; its mission is to sell products through its services and its web site solely to the "final consumer", meaning a natural person acting on, for purposes other than his or her commercial, business or professional activity carried out.

If you are not a final consumer, please do not use our services to buy the products on INPRODI will have the right not to consider purchase orders from non final consumers and any other purchase order that does not comply with the General Sales Conditions and these General Conditions of Use.


7.Applicable law and settlement of disputes

These General Terms of Use are governed by Italian law.

Any disputes concerning the General Terms of Use, including those relating to their validity, application and execution, shall be within the jurisdiction of the Milan Court.